The TPC Website was created as part of a growth initiative within The Pirate Council and to address a lack of information within Discord servers, Wikis, content creator channels and the Sea of Thieves forum itself.

After an information gathering campaign with responses from thousands of pirates, The Pirate Council gathered that the community was after the following information:

  • A place where people can search or browse through fleets, communities and creators to be a part of or to gather information on. 

  • Providing resources to the Sea of Thieves Wiki to ensure accuracy, detail and be updated more regularly.

  • Recording the results and statistics of all community, sponsored and official events.

  • More information on The Pirate Council and the media it releases.

Because the Wiki is a monumental task we decided to partner with the Gamepedia Wiki team to assist them in creating a more comprehensive list of articles with the help of our considerable personal and resources. 

Of course you can still access fleet information, events and our media on this website.

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