What is Skullball?

Skullball is a sport invented by the Fortune Union. Essentially, the goal of the game is to take the Skull to the Opposing Team's Crow's Nest. The Pirate Council in cooperation with the Fortune Union regularly hosts Skullball events.


  • Harpoons are in play.

  • Teams are composed of Looters and Watcher.

  • Having a Watcher is optional.

  • There can only be 1 Watcher per team, at a time.

  • Watchers have to stay on their Respective Ships.

  • Looters can only use a Cutlass and a Flintlock.

  • Watchers can only use a Cutlass and an Eye of Reach.

  • When a team scores a point, the opposing team starts the new round with the Skull. Once the Skull is off the ship, the starting team cannot return on their ship with it.

  • Looters are not allowed to access the opposing team's lower decks.

  • No Food is allowed. A referee will clear the barrels before each round.

  • No Cannons.

  • No one is allowed on the Sails or on the Crow's Nest, other than the one carrying the Skull.

  • Firebombs are not in play.

  • If a Watcher is found off their ship, the round will be paused, and the Watcher is killed as the round is resumed.

  • If an Opposing Looter is found fighting below decks, the round will be paused and the deck will be cleared. The Opposing Looters that were on the ship at the time of the penalty will be able to resume on land, by the ship.

  • When a penalty is called, Players on the Ferry will have to remain on the Ferry until the round is resumed. If a Player spawns back while there is a Penalty Call, they will be executed and will return to the Ferry.

  • Intentionally harming the Ships will result in immediate disqualification.

  • All Penalties will be dealt by the Referees & ShoutCasters alone.

  • (Rules and Penalties are subject to possible change.)

  • Your team gets a point when you carry the Skull to your Opposing Team's Crow's Nest.

  • The team who reaches 3 points first, or has the most points after 10 minutes wins.

  • If there is a stalemate, an additional Sudden Death round occurs. Once a player dies during the Sudden Death round, they will not be allowed to spawn back.

  • If there is a stalemate during the Sudden Death round, a single duel will settle the matter.

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