Rare Thief is the product of a long-time love for all things Rare Ltd. It began long ago as “Rare Minion”—a website created as part of a Banjo-Kazooie competition. Attentions then turned to Killer Instinct in the form of the website “Killer Instinct Central”—a collaboration with long-time Rare community member Daniel Duncan of RareFanDaBase.


Then, in 2015, Rare Ltd. announced Sea of Thieves! Knowing full-well that this game would likely consume our lives, “Rare Minion” became “Rare Thief”—publishing articles here and there as news of this anxiously-awaited game trickled out.


Then, just before SoT’s official launch, we began working on a map. It was just supposed to be a little weekend passion project for the community.


Well, this map soon grew into a Kraken-sized mobile app, web app, and stockpiled treasure trove of articles and guides! Soon, Rare Thief LLC became our full-time jobs. Aye, but we do all our work with a shanty in our hearts.


We believe there is a magic in Rare games—one that can kindle our childlike sense of imagination, wonder, and play. At Rare Thief, our goal is to help others experience that magic.


Sometimes this means helping players make the most of their gaming experience in real time. Sometimes this means bringing the community an in-depth look at the past—both the lore in Rare games and the lore of Rare itself. Sometimes this means sharing our excitement and anticipation for Rare’s future, both near and far.

Rare Ltd. and the broader Rare community have long held a special place in our hearts. If we’ve not yet met, feel free to say, “Hello!”—whether on social media, through the app, or in the comments section for articles and videos. We’re just fans like you who enjoy sharing the experience of this incredible chapter in Rare Ltd.’s history.

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