Founded in July 2018, The Pirate Council started alongside many long-standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since its inception, TPC has grown to form a large, global coalition of several organizaions within the Sea of Thieves Community.

The Pirate Council presents a united front providing events, knowledge and assistance to the Sea of Thieves community. With people from around the world bringing different perspectives, skills and insight, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our own player base and the larger Sea of Thieves community. General Goals are to better the community through interaction with each other and showcasing positive PVP and PVE events like En Garde, Skullball, the Grand Odyssey and many more. It is also important for us to have a public forum and social media outreach for the benefit of the whole community.

Our vision is to unite as many players as possible under one name while maintaining a group of respectful, honourable, and truthful members that will provide the highest level of professionalism within the Council. These individual representatives will work within the alliance, using our Discord server to communicate and work with each other to meet our combined goals of development of community behaviour and events. It will be a priority to ensure that our allied community is a safe and entertaining place to be competetive and support each member's endeavours both in public outreach and community events.

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